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With our flexible, interactive and visual courses, we aim to revolutionise nail education training and to create a new generation of professionals with a deeper understanding of the nail unit, product chemistry and health and safety.

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Our most popular courses consistently receive high praise for their comprehensive content and expert-led instruction. They serve as a testament to our commitment to quality, equipping learners with the skills most sought after in today's competitive landscape.

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MediNail Directory can make a huge impact to the US Nail Salon Industry, expand your client base safety, and put real money in your bank account.

Medinail Learning Center is your dedicated pathway to becoming a proficient clinical nail technician. Through its comprehensive curriculum, you’ll delve into both the art and science of nail care, ensuring you’re well-equipped to handle a variety of nail conditions and treatments. By blending expert-led instruction with hands-on practice, Medinail ensures you acquire not just knowledge but the practical skills essential for success in this specialized field.

Dive into a curated educational experience tailored to empower and enlighten, ensuring you’re on track to achieve your goals. With our platform, you’re not just learning; you’re charting a course for success guided by top-tier experts and resources.

Learning with professionals provides a direct avenue to industry-relevant expertise, ensuring that the skills you acquire are both current and highly valued. Engaging with seasoned experts exposes you to practical insights and nuances that traditional textbooks might overlook. This hands-on, mentor-guided approach not only accelerates your growth but also instills confidence, preparing you to excel in real-world scenarios.

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What Our Students Have to Say

I highly recommend Dr. Spalding & Medinail Learning Center to all nail professionals. And, agree as a minimum all nail pros should receive their M-ANT training.
Kelvin Black
From Dallas, USA
I've only been to the website to purchase a course. I had a few questions and the customer service was FANTASTIC. The correspondence was easy and natural. The site is user friendly.
Zasha Swan
From Australia
I’m so glad I found out about Medinail. I’ll taken two courses. If you’re a nail tech and you want to level up your manicurist license, sign up for these courses.
Frank Jones
From Japan
Medinail is the best learning center....Every Nail Tech should take the ANT/MNT course...It is the best information you can get to help you run a germ free clean healthy nail salon...
Jack Brownn
From London, UK