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MEDICAL Nail Technician Program (MNT)

Course Curriculum

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Welcome to the Medical Nail Technician course created and administered by Medinail Learning Center. These 10 modules are designed to give you the skills and knowledge to pass the exams (located in Module 4 and 10) to be a Certified MNT. Each topic represents a new module and each builds on the last. Progress at your own pace and be sure to study hard.

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Module 1: Working with a Podiatrist Presentation

Module 2: Anatomy of the Foot, Skin and Nails

Module 3: Biomechanics of the Feet

Module 4: Dermatology Diseases and Disorders

Module 5: Medical Exam, Curettage, Debridement

Module 6: Radiology and Strapping

Module 7: Introduction to Wound Healing

Module 8: Pedicure Protocols, Massage Techniques and Selling Home Care

Module 9: Coding in the Podiatry Office

Module 10: Emergency and Disaster Concepts

Module 11: Marketing