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MediNail-Advanced Nail Technologist Program (M-ANT)

Course Curriculum

MANT Introduction

  • MANT Intro

Module 1: The Crisis in Nail Salons

Module 2: Salon Micro Trauma

Module 3: OSHA

Module 4: Supercharge Your Infection Control Part 1

Module 5: Supercharge Your Infection Control Part 2

Module 6: Diseases and Disorders of the Feet

Module 7: Autoclave Procedures and Spore Testing

Module 8: Pedicures on at Risk Clients (not patients)

Module 9 To Pedicure or Not to Pedicure

Module 10: The Science of Pedicures

Module 11: Nail Techs Saving Lives: Defusing the Time Bombs in Salon

Module 12: Scope of Practice Issues and Written Referrals to Physicians

Module 13: Chemicals and Dangers in the Salon

Module 14: Marketing of Your Salon and Safe Salon Rating

Module 15: Final Exam, Resources, and Links